CBD 101

The world of CBD benefits has been evolving over the years, with the media spreading so much information about its uses, and benefits if applied correctly. This CBD 101 guide will show you everything you need to know about the chemical compound.

For many, CBD also known as cannabidiol, is now a major aspect of their routine health. 


Health practitioners now recommend CBD for the treatment of ailments such as swelling, sleeplessness, arthritis, and inflammation.


The information available concerning medical CBD can be overwhelming for anyone who is yet to understand the concept. 


Most people are still curious as to what CBD does? Or the specific CBD health benefits they can derive from its use. 


CBD 101: What is CBD?


CBD is the second most active component of the marijuana herb. It is directly gotten from the herb plant. 


However, it is different from THC as it does not contain its psychoactive component, and you can never get high from its use. 

CBD vs. THC is another major topic making the headlines. Thus, you cannot derive the same benefits from CBD consumption when you take THC pills.


What Does it Stand for?


CBD is short for “Cannabidiol.” is one of the 113 cannabinoids which are able to be found inside the plant Cannabis sativa, or what’s typically known as hemp or cannabis.


Cannabidiol benefits and other cannabinoids inside the cannabis plant are natural chemical compounds produced by the herb. Among the high number of cannabinoids discovered in hemp include tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, cannabinol or CBN, and cannabichromene or CBC; however, the most well-known cannabinoids are THC and CBD.


Generally, while canna oil and other cannabinoids may have a positive impact on the body and brain when ingested, not all cannabinoids have equal functions in the body. THC is used to treat medical patients for depression and other diseases but is also commonly used as a recreational compound as is mainly used for medical applications.


While it’s possible to smoke cannabis to obtain the benefits and effects, the most sought-after product would be the oil because it’s more concentrated and will not make you “high.”


What is CBD Oil Good For?

Since the legalization of hemp-derived CBD products, researchers have made studies on its apparent health benefits.

The absence of legal repercussions gave them the freedom to conduct experiments and trials on CBD treatment for a handful of medical conditions.

While most of the studies are still in its early stages, a pure form of CBD gained approval from the FDA to treat severe forms of epilepsy.

This drug, Epidiolex, can minimize epileptic symptoms in patients diagnosed with Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

This is only a sliver of the full capabilities of cannabidiol. Experts are hopeful for CBD’s potential in managing health conditions such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis, schizophrenia, cancer, and others.

It is only a matter of time before results come out on clinical trials.


What is the Difference Between Marijuana and Hemp? 


What is hemp?

The hemp plant describes a variety of cannabis that contains the THC component (about 0.3% or less). 

Hemp is also the non-intoxicating aspect of cannabis that people use for various industrial purposes after processing. 

Extracts of hemp have several uses that span from health, industrial manufacturing and contain the highest amount of fiber.


What is marijuana?

Marijuana describes a variety of cannabis that contains more than 0.3% of cannabis concentration and often taken as THC pills. 

Besides, it can also cause some psychoactive effects on the user. 

However, to date, cannabis is still the primary term used as most people consider the term “marijuana” to be racist.


What are the Health Benefits of CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol oil is one of the safest remedies used for treating several health conditions. There are hundreds of compounds found in cannabis sativa, and CBD oil is part of them. 


Aside from these, CBD for swelling is another great way this oil is put into use from skincare to health. It provides amazing benefits to its users.


In skincare, CBD oil tincture is used for the treatment of several skin allergies and abnormal conditions of the skin such as rash, uneven toned skin, and acne. 

Although it’s not applied directly, the CBD oil effects can still be felt as it is the primary ingredient of most skin care products.


In health, CBD oil has been confirmed to aid the treatment of arthritis, chronic swelling, heart, and lungs malfunctioning as well as coordinating the central nervous system.


How Can CBD Help You Build your Immune System? 


One of the answers is that it boosts the immune system. More research is still needed to confirm the relationship between the immune system and cannabidiols. 

The facts available are not enough to conclude that CBD can help to minimize autoimmune and inflammatory responses which are the main triggers of HIV, cancer, and sclerosis.


Since CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that make you find CBD gummies useful as it suppresses the immune system by reducing inflammation. 

The best CBD for swelling strengthens the immune system, thereby preventing the contraction of allergies and diseases.


As an immune suppressor, CBD becomes beneficial to your health when your immune system becomes hyperactive or weakens below normal. 


For a hyperactive system, it leads to overreaction when it comes in contact with any form of allergy or diseases. This can harm the body and even lead to death.

With the various ways CBD works, it is still unclear as to which CBD impacts the immune system directly or controls its functioning. 


However, the endocannabinoid system is responsible for the regulation of responses between humoral and cellular responses. Thus the ECS and the CBD are responsible for the full regulation of the immune system.

Kindly note that the consumption of CBD as an immune booster should be supervised only by a healthcare professional.

Also, it is pertinent to note that CBD based products such as hemp oil, MCT oil, and industrial hemp can aid in the relief of chronic swelling, allergies, depression, and anxiety. 

Hence, it can be an excellent immune booster if taken according to the direction of a physician to ensure it’s really what you need instead of avoiding possible side effects.


How is CBD Helping Cancer Patients? 

A weakened immune system can trigger cancer. CBD is known to fight cancerous cells, thereby strengthening it. 


The immune system is responsible for sending signals to the cells in the body that are already old to self-destruct. 


But this is not the case for a cancerous body because the old and weak cells won’t be able to self-destruct normally thereby spreading diseases and toxins all over the body.


But when CBD is active in the bloodstream, it helps to self-destruct these cells. This leads to a reduction in the spread of cancerous cells all over the body. 


This way, CBD helps cancer patients to live a normal and healthier life. This and so much more are the numerous ways CBD hemp oil benefits its users.



CBD 101 and Skincare


When it comes to skincare, CBD has a lot more to offer than you think. 

It adopts a skincare routine using three different approaches, which are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging. 


What about CBD antioxidants? 

It enables easy bonding by the free radical by providing the missing particle for bonding. Therefore, it prevents DNA damage in the process.


CBD is also helpful for treating a variety of inflammatory conditions such as acne. 

A full spectrum of high-quality CBD oil has soothing properties that reduce acne breakouts and redness. 


It can also reduce excessive oil production in the skin, thereby making it acne-free.

Due to its antioxidant properties, CBD oil can be applied on the skin to reduce the effects of aging over time. 


It can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dull and scaling skin as well as eliminating ruddy skin tone.


How Does CBD Oil Make You Feel?


What makes CBD oil stand out is that it’s a natural alternative to prescription medication. It is also hailed for harboring little to no side effects.

Each body reacts to CBD differently, so some people may experience side effects. This is especially true for first-time users.

These side effects may include:

Users who experience extreme side effects from CBD consumption should seek medical attention.

Moreover, CBD usage contains no addictive properties. According to the World Health Organization, it poses no threat to abuse or dependencies.


Does CBD Oil Get You High?


CBD cannot make you high because it is the psychotropic component of marijuana. 


What is the Difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil


CBD oil

The popular CBD oil is derived from the cannabis plant and contains anti-inflammatory other health benefits. 


You can see it on different product labels from skincare to food supplements. 

It’s one of the 104 active components of the cannabis sativa plant and extracted from the leaves, stems, and stalks of the plant. 


For many centuries, CBD oil has been an effective remedy for treating a variety of other ailments.


Hemp oil

This is derived from hemp seeds by cold pressing it and extracting it. 


It is extracted from the hemp plant and contains nutritional values that are beneficial but not as much as CBD.


Marijuana Oil vs. CBD Oil

For the majority of folks who do not know the difference, they oftentimes use marijuana oil and CBD oil interchangeably, yet the two have distinct differences from one another.


Firstly, you must know that marijuana and hemp are both Cannabis. Plus, while they’re the same by botanical standards, they’re informally categorized as two different things. Usually, marijuana is the word utilized for cannabis strains containing THC. Cannabis strains that do not have high THC content, on the other hand, are categorized as hemp.


The hemp oil, in this case, is derived from hemp oil side effects are pretty much nonexistent, what is oftentimes referred to as industrial hemp, which is the reason why Hemp oil also is typically referred to as CBD hemp oil. Therefore, this oil does not contain THC the cannabis compound which will give you that “high” effect.

In addition, since it’s a compound discovered in cannabis, oil that comes from marijuana also has CBD, yet with the inclusion of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).


Does CBD Oil Work?

The question remains whether CBD oil will actually work as the remedies people claim it to be. Because every person reacts to CBD differently, there is no universal answer to whether CBD oil will deliver your desired effect.


Some people will feel CBD work its effects immediately after administration, while others need to wait weeks or even months to reap its health benefits.

Factors that can affect CBD’s ability to interact with your endocannabinoid system (ECS) include your bodyweight, CBD dosage, bioavailability, and desired effects.

You may need a higher dose if you’ve built a tolerance to cannabidiol.

However, err on the side of caution and consult a doctor as high dosages of CBD regularly may expose you to negative side effects.


CBD Oil for Swelling and Inflammation


Our CBD 101 guide shows the potential health benefits of hemp. The substance has been used by people for pain relief for thousands of years. Recently, experts have found evidence for this soothing effect.


As a result, people now turn to CBD oil for an alternative way to soothe joint and arthritis pain.

Many countries have legalized the use of hemp extracts. CBD oil tincturesare especially effective. People with arthritis may opt to use topical CBD as well.


CBD Oil for Anxiety


Studies discovered that cannabidiol aids mental health as well. Some found cannabidiol to be effective in relieving anxiety in people and in animals.

study involving people with Generalized Anxiety Disorder found that those who used it were less anxious during a public speaking test. On the other hand, an animal study showed reduced stress and anxiety in rats.

But what does this mean for users of CBD and people hoping to treat their social anxiety? 


Because of cannabidiol’s low rates of binding with receptors in the endocannabinoid system, it must bind somewhere else to produce any effect on our body. One of the receptor sites it binds to is the receptors responsible for the release of serotonin. 


Serotonin is the chemical responsible for feelings of joy and happiness. 


We are firmly in the rabbit hole here, and the list of receptors and neurological pathways with names that resemble alphabet soup is long and tiring. 


But what we need to remember is that CBD gummies and full-spectrum CBD oils contain cannabinoids that bond with the receptors that control the flow of serotonin from your brain. 


If just a few mg of CBD for anxiety can replace a laundry list of pharmaceuticals simply by activating our serotonin receptors, then this opens the door for a long list of applications CBD can have in the field of medicine and human health.


CBD for Sleep

According to research, cannabidiol can also help people fall asleep. A study suggests that high doses of CBD increase the amount of time a person sleeps.

Moreover, those who take it recall their dreams less. It provides relief for those suffering from night terrors.

In addition, CBD helps people cope with certain sleep disorders. The substance can modulate waking by activating neurons in the hypothalamus.

Additionally, it can help people deal with excessive daytime sleepiness disorders and Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep behavior.

CBD for Depression


Cannabidiol is a promising treatment for depression. However, we still need further studies. In fact, some animal studies have found the extract similar to antidepressants.

It can influence the brain’s receptors for serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that regulates mood and behavior.

Nevertheless, many people claim that it serves as a potent antidepressant. Some say it helped them cope with the daily stress of life and to see things in a positive light.

CBD for Pets

This CBD 101 guide also shows how it can benefit animals. Cannabidiol has also been gaining popularity among pet owners as they buy CBD oil for dogs.


Surprisingly, pets also have endocannabinoid systems. They receive effects from cannabidiol similar to humans.


It can help with gastrointestinal issues, cancer symptoms, arthritis, seizures, stress, and anxiety. More importantly, it causes no adverse side effects in proper dosages.


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