One Pure Luv Cat Vibes, USDA Certified Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil



Our 100% Natural Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil is the perfect product to give to your cat!  It is a low dosage of CBD oil is a safe way to administer low dosages to your feline friend!  Please be cautious and consult your Veterinarian before administering CBD to your cat.Our 100 % Organic Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures and our premium organic CBD Hemp products are grown on our trusted USDA Organic inspected farm assuring you that your pet is safe with pure ingredients. They are consciously, handcrafted in small batches and at low temperatures to keep ingredients alive assuring the full benefit of our CBD products. We proudly source from the highest-quality ingredients, created with seed to soil sustainable farming practices, manufacture with exceptional standards and bottle in our Certified Organic Apothecary. We ship anywhere in the USA. All ingredients are USDA Certified Organic certified by Independent 3rd party laboratories. Full Spectrum Hemp CBD oil is legal in all 50 States. You need no prescription.


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